Southwater, located only 1.5 miles south of bigger brother Horsham, is a perfect example of how best to blend old with new.

A historic village, Southwater boasts a Grade II listed farmhouse originating back to the Tudor…click to read more


‘Billingshurst’, translating from Anglo-Saxon Billinges Hyrst (or ‘Billa’s son’s wooded hill’).

A village steeped in history harking back to the Roman era, Billingshurst is today a thriving community where old meets new…click to read more


Just to the west of Horsham can be found the lively and growing village of Broadbridge Heath.

Broadbridge Heath is in some respects even better connected by road than is Horsham…click to read more


‘Horsham’, translating roughly to ‘Horse Home’ if you were around in AD 947!

Horsham is a town with a bright future. As of 2018, significant investment is going into the area. Piries Place, …click to read more


Travel just a few miles to the west of Broadbridge Heath and arrive at the quaint and picturesque village of Slinfold. With fewer than 1,700 inhabitants, the village is every countryside lover’s dream …click to read more


Ashington is the perfect option for families wanting quick access to and from both the City and coast.

Situated just 40 miles south of the capital but connected via the A24 road system, and just 10 miles …click to read more


If you’ve always admired the sprawling plains of the South Downs National Park then Steyning is a place you’ll at the very least want to visit.
Found at the northern tip of the River Adur, …click to read more


Cranleigh is proud of its ‘UK’s largest village’ status, but there are even bigger reasons it often ranks highly on people’s preferred destination list.
This bustling and vibrant village today offers …click to read more


Crawley is a busy and well populated town, but within easy reach of the countryside.

Buyers flock here for the outstanding road and train connections to the City …click to read more


Once dubbed ‘God’s waiting room’ by commentators who picked up on the seniority of its people, today Worthing is undergoing transformation. Fledgling start-up businesses are now flocking to this sought after seaside …click to read more


‘Lying just a few miles south-east of Horsham is the vibrant and commuter friendly town of Haywards Heath.

The town’s relatively younger population can take advantage of …click to read more


According to the 2001 census, just 1,800 residents occupy the village that straddles the A272 into Haywards Heath

…click to read more


The historic town of Storrington lies at the foot of the South Downs, making it a great choice for cyclists and ramblers.

The 100 mile …click to read more

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